This page was created to organize many of the existing collections or materials relevant to our project regardless of media type, though most of the archives currently posted consist of images. This page adds nuance to general claims made and relevant evidence to support a lot of the historical evidence found elsewhere and on the website. This is useful to anyone who is interested in analyzing the clashes of Black students and administration throughout the history of the US through first degree sources.

Brown University Archive  Over the course of the semester, we pulled together copies of documents that were relevant to the local history of Black student protest at Brown and the national history of student protest generally. We’ve deposited them here in a google drive.

Brown Photo Archive  We also contacted a BDH photographer, who gave us photographs from some of the dramatic protests here on our campus from 2015-2016.

CSREA Archive  Brown’s Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America has a small institutional archive, most of the materials within it are from the Center’s founding moment.

Providence Public Library  Special collections at the PPL includes full runs of the Providence Journal, which closely covered the civil rights struggle inside and outside of Providence. The library is located on Empire Street in down city Providence. Its website is right here.

Rhode Island Historical Society Less of a resource for in-depth civil rights information, but a valuable repository of Rhode Island background history. The RIHS Networked Online Public catalog  is a search tool to filter the print materials available at the historical society.